Helping Your Commercial Closing Go Smoothly

Buying commercial property that meets your needs could make the difference in running a successful business. Ensuring every step of the transaction is completed correctly will allow you the peace of mind you need to focus on your company.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, few law firms are better suited to guide you through this complex process than Tally & Tally. Lawyers from the Tally family have been serving real estate buyers and sellers in Cumberland County since 1948, and we can provide the experience, skills and resources you need to purchase a/an:

  • Warehouse
  • Apartment complex
  • Office building
  • Small business

Completing Real Estate Transactions Efficiently While Guarding Your Interests

While much of the closing for a property purchase or refinancing a mortgage is the same for residential and commercial property, the entire process for commercial property is much more complex.

Our attorneys can assist with every phase of your purchase, from the initial offer, the offer to purchase contract, resolving any title issues on the property and working with your lender on financing.

We can draft and review all of the paperwork and work with the seller’s attorney to craft a transaction that is in your interests. When a potential mistake could derail the transaction and harm your business, turn to lawyers who have helped hundreds of clients successfully complete these sales and purchases.

Assisting Commercial Landlords

If you wish to rent out your commercial property to a business, having a lease that protects your interests as a landlord is key. Our lawyers can help you draft and review a lease with your tenant that is enforceable in North Carolina courts and can help you avoid costly, time-consuming litigation with your tenant.

Call Us For Experienced Legal Guidance

Our lawyers, Lockett and Jesse Tally, use the wisdom imparted on them from their grandfather and father to continue running our firm with the utmost dedication to our clients’ success. To schedule a consultation to learn how they can help you complete a commercial real estate closing, send us an email or call 910-401-3139 or 888-753-1216.