Careful Preparation Of Residential And Commercial Leases

At Tally & Tally, we protect the rights of landlords by ensuring that they have enforceable leases that comply with North Carolina laws. Whether you are a condo owner, renting out a room in your home, own an apartment facility or own commercial real estate, we can help.

From our offices in Fayetteville, we represent residential and commercial landlords throughout Cumberland County by drafting and reviewing leases. Experienced real estate attorneys, we can help you avoid errors in the lease-drafting process that can lead to costly landlord-tenant litigation.

Why You Need An Attorney’s Help

North Carolina landlord-tenant law is quite complex. Unfortunately, many landlords expose themselves to future tenant disputes by printing supposed one-size-fits-all leases off of the internet. These leases are often filled with language that is not actually enforceable in North Carolina.

Having an enforceable lease can be the difference in:

  • Being able to evict your tenant for certain violations
  • Revoking the security deposit when necessary
  • Collecting past-due rent
  • Avoiding a dispute over maintenance or health and safety concerns because your obligations are clearly spelled out

Our law firm has been providing real estate guidance to Cumberland County since 1948, and our lawyers have remained up-to-date on changing laws to ensure our clients stay protected. We will carefully draft and review a lease that will be free from errors and allows you to conduct your business with peace of mind.

Call Our Law Firm Today To Learn More

There is no substitute for experience, and that is what you will be getting as a client of Tally & Tally. To schedule a consultation with our attorneys, call our office in Fayetteville today at 910-401-3139 or 888-753-1216, or you can also reach out to us online.