Lawyers Protecting Your Estate Planning Goals

Our legal team provides comprehensive estate planning representation. We take a proactive approach to estate planning. Our skilled Fayetteville estate planning attorneys draft, review and revise documents and directives based on each client’s specific needs.

At Tally & Tally, our lawyers understand the emotional and financial aspects of estate planning. We exhaust all resources and avenues to help minimize our clients’ estate and inheritance taxes. Our thorough guidance includes evaluating our elderly clients’ health care and retirement needs, as well as providing guardianship services for incompetent adults.

There Is More To Estate Planning Than Creating A Will

Many individuals take the time to have a will drafted without taking time to consider other estate planning issues. Our law firm takes a proactive approach to planning. Our mission is straightforward: To provide estate planning solutions today to help prevent future issues. We understand that a properly designed estate plan can also:

  • Specify guardians for minor children in the event of both parents’ deaths
  • Dictate that children receive money from your estate in stages, rather than in a lump sum when they turn 18
  • Protect your assets from being distributed to your spouse’s new husband or wife, if your spouse remarries after your death
  • Require that your assets be used for the benefit of your children rather than being distributed to your spouse
  • Provide for any children with physical or mental disabilities, ensuring that their financial and medical futures are secure according to your wishes rather than the court’s decision
  • Prevent your assets from being decimated by the maximum estate tax

Handling Multiple Families Circumstances

North Carolina intestate law was not developed to handle multiple family situations. Our legal team understands the complicated issues associated with blended families. We will discuss the legal facts, including spousal rights to help you understand how to best address your wishes. We have extensive experience drafting wills, trusts and other directives with proper language to address remarriages, stepchildren and leaving specific people out of your will.

Learn About All Of Your Estate Planning Options

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