Lawyers Providing Experienced Probate Representation

Our experienced estate planning lawyers represent individuals going through estate administration, which is also referred to as probate administration. With decades of experience, our Fayetteville probate attorneys efficiently and effectively guide clients through the probate process. Our extensive experience enables us to evaluate your situation and properly administer the estate.

The Process Of Probating A Will

At Tally & Tally, we provide comprehensive estate administration and probate representation. In Cumberland County and throughout North Carolina, wills go through the probate process at the time of a loved one’s death. Our lawyers can act as the executor or administrator of the estate at this stage. However, even if we are not named administrator, we can be listed as the attorney of record for the probate.

Our extensive probate administration representation is designed to efficiently and effectively get clients through the process. We understand the emotional hardships associated with the death of a loved one. Many individuals do not want to deal with probate and other estate planning issues during their time of grief. We can shoulder the burden for you. We have extensive experience handling every process, including:

  • Inventory of the estate
  • Closing out of the estate
  • Final accounting

We urge clients to seek legal guidance instead of tackling probate on their own. If the process is not completed properly, you could face serious penalties. We are committed to helping you get through the process.

Understanding Of Intestate Issues

When an individual dies without leaving a will, their estate must go through North Carolina intestacy laws. These strict statutory guidelines provide additional complex legal issues. With decades of experience, our attorneys understand these statutes. We are dedicated to guiding you through this complicated process.

Providing Knowledgeable Representation

We invite you to contact our firm today for a consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney. We can be reached at 910-401-3139 or toll free at 888-753-1216. We accept Visa and Mastercard.