Fayetteville Assault Charge Attorneys

Criminal Defense Representation for Domestic Violence Charges

Our North Carolina domestic violence lawyers provide aggressive representation for individuals charged with assault, assault with a weapon or domestic violence. We understand the serious consequences associated with these charges. You could receive a jail sentence, probation or other penalties. We are committed to protecting your rights and your future.

At Tally & Tally in Fayetteville, our experienced legal team understands the legal issues attached to domestic violence charges. If you are charged with assault on a female, the policy of the local district attorney’s office is to not dismiss the charges or accept a plea bargain. In assault on a female cases, the accused person must go to trial. Without a successful defense lawyer at your side, you risk serious punishment.

Lasting Consequences

Domestic violence can include felony and misdemeanor charges. Whether a misdemeanor or felony, your charge can carry extensive consequences. A guilty plea or conviction can affect your ability to reunite or cohabitate with the other person. Judges have discretion to attach severe restrictions on your sentencing. You could be kicked out of your home and prevented from seeing your children. Also convictions can affect your ability to keep your job or find future employment. If you are convicted of a felony, you would lose your right to possess a firearm.

Our attorneys will discuss all of the legal issues associated with your case. Our in-depth evaluations can help you make informed decisions about your future. We can discuss the risk of taking your case to trial, as well as the consequences of pleading guilty.

Thorough Investigations

Our Fayetteville assault charges lawyers conduct thorough case investigations. We have extensive experience handling these cases. We will discuss the facts of the case with the District Attorney and victim to determine what really happened. We also evaluate issues with the victim’s credibility. We understand that false accusations commonly arise in divorce and custody battles. We will fight hard to minimize your consequences.

Free Consultations

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