Fighting Reckless Driving Charges

In North Carolina, reckless driving can result in fines, points against your driver’s license, license suspension and possibly even jail time. It can mean facing misdemeanor or even felony charges. Such offense will become a part of your driving record. It most certainly will result in higher insurance rates as well. And if accompanied with an accident, you may at some point in time face a civil lawsuit as well.

While taking aggressive action or driving at excessive speeds during certain weather conditions can be considered reckless driving, a reckless driving charge may also come about due to mere carelessness or inattention. Such charges may be based upon the subjective observations of the arresting officer. Because of the harsh consequences of a conviction, it is important to first speak to an experienced traffic violations lawyer before making any plea.

Putting Experienced Representation On Your Side

The attorneys at Tally & Tally, in Fayetteville, have represented hundreds of individuals facing reckless driving charges. We will help you understand the legal process and explain to you the possible consequences of a conviction. When retained by you, we will explore every possible option and legal defense available.

Our attorneys are especially familiar with the manner in which such cases are tried in Cumberland County. We know what defenses are most effective. We also understand the best approach to take when negotiating with district attorneys or when trying your case in court.

Should you not be able to get charges against you reduced, we may still be able to argue for a deferred judgment. Under such circumstances, a judge can suspend your sentence for a period of time so long as you abide by certain guidelines.

Whatever your circumstances, when representing you we will protect your rights during every step of the process.

Putting Experienced Representation On Your Side

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