Protecting Your License When Charged With Speeding

Speeding tickets in North Carolina can be particularly expensive and result in a significant amount of points against your license. Too many points can result in loss of your license altogether.

At Tally & Tally, in Fayetteville, our attorneys have extensive experience defending individuals receiving traffic citations and in particular speeding tickets. Having tried hundreds of cases in our local courts, we know how to negotiate with prosecuting attorneys to reduce the consequences you face for a possible violation. We strive toward keeping your driving privileges intact, and we will work toward reduction or elimination of traffic charges so that you do not see your insurance rates go up.

Why It May Be Worth Your While Fighting A Speeding Ticket

In North Carolina traffic courts, paying off a speeding ticket is the same as pleading guilty. Besides possibly facing significant fines or penalties, such an admission means that the speeding ticket can remain on your record.

It is a mistake to assume a speeding citation is a minor offense. Penalties and fines can vary greatly. The penalties and points you assess can increase with subsequent arrests. An accident that occurs while speeding can bring with it a number of other consequences as well. And you may face enhanced penalties if a court determines you were speeding in a school zone or had a revoked license.

Please speak to our experienced lawyers before paying any fine. When retaining our firm, we can examine your circumstances and determine whether defenses are available. We will provide you with a straightforward assessment concerning your chances for an acquittal. We will provide you with a vigorous representation when defending you from such traffic charges.

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